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Temple that hid the technologies of the Mayan civilization! Notice the steps and shade trees to block from the sun or disguise the temple!

God or Alien to pray to? Transform from what they visualized the alien!

Does a Tomb have many doorways? More like a residence!

Egyptian Temple or is it a rocket ship? Why construct a temple that looks like a rocket ship? 

Expand your consciousness to consider new possibilities.  Recall the Incas have fascinating landing strips for aircraft! Recall the initial landing of Columbus was in South America! Coincidental or was this similar to Alien visitations in Mexico or South America? Was this the takeoff location for Aliens? Did they land in Inca country then take off in the Mayan location.

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Questions concerning Shadow World

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Dec 7, 2003

Shadow Planet Revisited

Why did the Maya astronomically align their temples? Did their religious ceremonies relate to the stars? Given the Maya were star worshipers and the Incas were Sun worshipers, does this discrepancy relate the two astounding civilizations? Could the Incas have provided the landing strips for starships that would take off from Mayan rocket sites! If this is so would the starships be constructed at the Mayan site from parts shipped from the Inca sites? What do you think of these hypotheses, or do you have your own!

"Over the cavity left in the morter by the removal of the stone were two conspicuous marks, which afterwards stared us in the face in all the ruined buildings of the country. They were the prints of a red hand with the thumb and finger extended, not drawn or painted, but stamped by the living hand, the pressure of the palm upon the stone.

He who made it had stood before it alive as we did, and pressed his hand, moistened with red paint, hard against the stone. The seams and creases of the palm were clear and distinct in the impression."

John Lloyd Stephens

Palace of the Governor 


Sceptical downers never accept anything that is not in front of them! However, consider the Martian sculpture that may be caused by winds or erosion! Or is our vision affected by our emotions and motivation!

Optical illusions like Meuller Lyer that looks like the lines are different lengths .The lengths are the same!

Gossips see what they are denying in others!  Bigots project their worst personality characteristics to minority groups!


Tombs with Doorways?

Monolith or 100 AD


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