Before your business processes credit cards test the Name, Address, Telephone Number and IP address as to consistency and combat fraud. If you are going to use your credit card to buy something online you may use this capability to verify information of the website with Name, Address, Telephone Number and IP address of the website!! Both businesses and consumers may verify and protect themselves against fraud!

    After purchasing link to this site with password supplied with purchase by email: Fraud Detection Click on Hacker Database and enter username and password! This is a generic term, since upgrades will also detect hackers into company databases or fraudulent companies! With database files that you create you may keep records concerning fraudulent credit cards, fraudulent business that use multiple IP addresses analogous to hackers or track hackers using HackerID and record them in this databases or Network Analysis that provides IP addresses and domain lookup! Combine all the ant hacker software and provide an impenetrable fortress against hackers, frauds, and social engineers!

    Lookup credit card name, address, telephone number and Internet Protocol addresses.